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Sprouting Kits and Seeds

dreamstime-s-18928334-1-.jpgDo you know of a food that can be grown year round, anywhere in the world, never needs pesticides, and is so simple to grow even a child can do it?  What about one that packs such a nutritious punch that it provides the highest amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes of any food per calorie unit? 

Have you ever heard of a vegetable which actually continues to gain vitamins after you harvest it?  Unlike supermarket produce, which has often been shipped hundreds or thousands of miles with every precious hour after harvest leading to nutrient loss?

Sprouts are this wonder food!  Recognized by health care professionals worldwide and the focus of many studies which confirm their amazing properties, sprouts contain significant amounts of vitamins A, C, and D, fiber, protein, calcium, potassium, iron, and fiber.  They are also void of fat or cholesterol.   

Sprouts have a greater concentration of vitamins and minerals, proteins, enzymes, phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, nitrosamines, trace minerals, bioflavinoids and chemo-protectants such as sulphoraphane and isoflavone which work against toxins, resist cell mutation and invigorate the body's immune system more than at any other point in the plant's life even when compared with the mature vegetable.

Rich in enzymes, sprouts are easily digested and the sprouting actually destroys the seed's natural preservative enzymes that inhibit digestion.  Sprouts are a fantastic way to add raw foods to your diet. They will also help add variety and color to your salads!

Sprouting at home takes only a few moments a day and can produce a good portion of your daily requirements of the nutrients you need from fresh produce. The hassles are minor, the costs are low, and the freshness is wonderful.

During these hard economic times, there is no better way to get the most for your dollar when it comes to nutrition than sprouting seeds.  Sprouting seeds are also a wise food to store in bulk for impending food shortages.  You may be glad you did.  

It is important to use organic seeds. Organic certification assures that seeds have been grown and handled in a manner which helps minimize possible sources of contamination. Manure used on organic fields, for example, must be composted for a long period of time. Composting has been shown to reduce or eliminate pathogens in manure. Organic farmers are also required to use rodent/bird proof storage for seeds destined for consumption. In addition, organic sprouting seeds have NOT been implicated in any outbreak of food poisoning. 

Sprouting seeds are so much fun, especially with the easy kits we provide.  Start sprouting for your health!