Caspian Sea Matsoni Yogurt Starter Culture

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Matsoni / Caspian Sea Yogurt Starter Culture - ORGANIC

CSY is a fermented milk yogurt from the Republic of Georgia. It is smooth and creamy and somewhat viscous with a mild, slightly tart savor. In Japan, it is poured over cakes, salads, and fresh fruits and is relished sweetened with a little honey.

*Caspian Sea Yogurt makes a semi-thick, drinkable, slightly sweet, smooth pourable yogurt. Turn any milk product into a healthy living delicious Super Health Elixir! Practically a meal by itself! Or you can add fresh fruit, nuts or honey. You can use regular milk, or half and half for a thicker yogurt to pour over fresh fruit, cakes, or salads.

*Caspian Sea Yogurt is a fermented milk product also called matsoun or matsoni is also known as Caucasian sour cream or Bulgarian Yogurt. CSY has two major bacteria; lactococcus cremoris and gluconobacter sp. Lactococcus cremoris turns milk into yogurt with or without oxygen present, and results in the yogurt's unique viscosity. Gluconobacter sp. multiplies only in the presence of oxygen, and helps lactococcus cremoris multiply. Lactococcus cremoris multiply most at 20 C (68 oF) to 30 C, (86 oF) which falls within the range of normal room temperatures and does not have to be cooked or go through lengthy preparation as regular yogurt. SO you don't even need a yogurt maker!


*Right on your kitchen counter - Fermented at ROOM TEMPERATURE!*

*Caspian Sea Yogurt supplies high-quality protein and calcium. Rich mineral content help reduce the chances of bone fractures, strokes and osteoporosis, which are major causes of elderly people becoming bedridden.

*Caspian Sea Yogurt viscosity acts like dietary fibers to maintain intestinal health.

*Caspian Sea Yogurt increases natural intestinal flora, preventing the development of pathogenic germs, including salmonella, E. coli and Candida.

Each yogurt starter makes a delicious homemade yogurt that is idea for easy home yogurt making. No need of boiling and cooling milk before use or incubating your yogurt starter in a warm oven or home yogurt maker for hours before it will set. These yogurt starters are instead cultured in cold milk and are placed right on your kitchen counter and allowed to set. In 12-18 hours these yogurt starters will have set and made tempting homemade yogurt, which after chilling, is ready to be flavored or eaten plain. All without the expense and bother of a home yogurt maker. By setting aside some of the yogurt from each batch of freshly made yogurt as your yogurt starter or seed to make your next batch of fresh yogurt, these yogurt starters will last you indefinitely. No need to periodically replace your yogurt starters in order to replenish your yogurt supply.

Matsoni is also rich in minerals and possibly the secret behind the longevity of a group of Georgians in Eastern Europe.

Please see instructions link here.

FRESH culture sent ONLY within the US.  Cannot ship internationally.  




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