Greek Yogurt Starter Culture

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Greek yogurt is a slightly tangy, rich and thick yogurt.  It contains live bacteria and is a thermophilic yogurt so it does require a yogurt maker or an alternative heating method. Homemade traditional Greek yogurt costs a mere fraction compared to store-bought.  

This yogurt can be made with just whole milk or even low fat milk for a less thick yogurt.  Traditional Greek yogurt, however, is made with 1 part cream and 3 parts milk.  The yogurt can also be partially strained to increase the thickness or can be strained further to produce a creamy Mascarpone cheese. Goat milk will result in a thinner yogurt, and alternative milks are not recommended.

Greek yogurt contains the following active lactic acid bacteria: L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus

All of our yogurt starters are cultured in organic milk.

Our Greek yogurt starter can be used to make unlimited amounts of homemade yogurt as it can be cultured over and over again.  Just reserve some from your current batch to inoculate the next batch. With care, this  yogurt culture can be used to make homemade yogurt indefinitely - no need to buy another starter.     

Our yogurt starters are sent as fresh cultures in the U.S. or as a dried culture if shipped internationally.   Also, for U.S. customers, choose Priority Mail at checkout if you want a fresh culture.  If you do not choose Priority Mail, you will receive a dried culture, to ensure it arrives in viable form.   

If you are in the U.S. and wish to request a dried culture (which is recommended in the warmer months if you are in a hot climate, or if you do not think you will be able to culture the yogurt right away upon receiving it), please specify. 


Instructions for your yogurt starter may be found here.

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