Handy Pantry Glass Seed Sprouting Jar Quart

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This one quart sprout jar is a great way to grow a small amount of sprouts using the jar method. Everything you need including jar, sprout strainer lid, instructions on the label and 2 oz. of alfalfa sprouting seeds to get going. 


1. Soak the seeds in your Seed Sprouting Jar using the green screen top according to instructions.

2. Rinse & drain your sprouts thoroughly twice a day with cool fresh water. Place jar in a dark place.

3. Prop your seed sprouting jar at an angle, screen down, to ensure proper ventilation for the sprouts.

4. As sprouts grow, proceed with the rinse cycle, twice daily, until harvest time; about 3-5 days (sprouts will be about 3" in length). Place sprouts in indirect light for 2-4 hours to develop green coloration.

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