Viili Yogurt Starter Culture

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Viili Yogurt Starter Culture - Finnish curd milk ORGANIC

Viili is a fermented milk yogurt from Finland. It is thick and viscous, almost jelly like, very “ropey”. It is mildly sweet and pleasant tasting. Viili thrives on cream. Make it with half and half for a rich dessert. Eat it plain, served with fruit and berries, or sweetened with honey, sugar, or Stevia powder. Because of its gelatinous texture, Viili makes delicious parfaits.

A cultured milk product from Finland, Viili came from Finland over 100 years ago! No special incubators or sterile jars are needed. Just add milk and ferment at room temperature right on your kitchen counter until it "sets", cool, and ENJOY! That's all there is to it! The flavor is mild, not tart, and the texture is creamy and honey-like. Each culture is a starter for the next.

*Without any special equipment, the traditional Finnish dairy product viili is surprisingly easy to prepare at home.


*Right on your kitchen counter - Fermented at ROOM TEMPERATURE!*

Each yogurt starter makes a delicious homemade yogurt that is idea for easy home yogurt making. No need of boiling and cooling milk before use or incubating your yogurt starter in a warm oven or home yogurt maker for hours before it will set. The yogurt is instead cultured in cold milk and is placed right on your kitchen counter and allowed to set. After it is then cooled, you will have made tempting homemade yogurt which is now ready to be flavored or eaten plain. All without the expense and bother of a home yogurt maker. By setting aside some of the yogurt from each batch of freshly made yogurt as your yogurt starter or seed to make your next batch of fresh yogurt, our yogurt starters will last you indefinitely. No need to periodically replace your yogurt starters in order to replenish your yogurt supply.

See link to instructions here.

FRESH culture is sent within the US.  Dried is sent outside the US.


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