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Herbal Healing Salve

Herbal Healing Salve from our sister company, Nick's Natural Nook, formulated for all types of skin irritations which are so common, something we all experience from time to time.  
We are very excited with this product, created and made by us, an all-natural product that is so versatile – you only need to have this one salve on hand for many ailments (see the extensive list below!). This truly miraculous salve is a blend of all natural ingredients designed to heal and comfort your skin through every problem.
Use Herbal Healing Salve to treat: 
  • Poison ivy, oak, and sumac
  • Eczema, psoriasis,and hives
  • Cracked and dry skin
  • Sores, bed sores, inflamed bunions, stings, insect bites
  • Skin ulcers, blisters, boils, abscesses, sunburn, minor burns
  • Fungal infections, rashes, diaper rash
  • Minor wounds, scrapes, cuts, and bruises   

Why It Works:

  • We formulated this salve using an effective blend of herbs and natural ingredients to numb pain as well as heal and soothe.
  • The drawing / astringent properties help soothe stings and insect bites on contact.
  • Anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties for rashes and other skin irritations.
  • Healing properties to hasten healing and provide relief to discomfort.
  • Skin soother to take away pain.
  • Anti-fungal to nip those discomforts once and for all.
  • Great moisturizer overall, for the skin.

                            Please see product listing for more details!