Green Tea Has Weight Loss Benefits

Published by Herb Tease on 10th Aug 2015

We are back with another installment on the Savvy Teas and Herbs blog. Welcome back to our blog that discusses organic teas, yogurt starter culture, and bulk herbs. Our teas, herbs, and yogurt starters will revive you and keep you feeling your absolute best. Last time, we discussed how teas are rich in antioxidants and can fight the onset of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and cancer. We even had a chance to discuss organic teas because their leaves are not treated with pesticides or tampered with in any way. As you know, we love to do on our blog is answer questions posed to us in our teas and herbs advice column. We will continue that effort today with a question about the weight loss benefits of teas. Here is our most recent letter.

Dear Organic Tea and Bulk Herbs Expert,

I have heard a lot about the weight loss benefits of teas and wonder if there is any real merit to any of it. I could really stand to lose a few pounds that seem to be stuck on me. I enjoy many of the flavors of green teas, but I do not drink it very much because I usually rely on the caffeine from coffee in the mornings to get me through the morning. Then I usually have a soda in the afternoon for a little lift after lunch. I’m a little afraid of giving up my coffee because I need the energy to do my work and stay awake at my desk job. Can you help me with my quote - unquote drinking habits, oh wise and knowledgeable Organic Tea Sage?

Thank you for answering my question,

Caffeinated in Queens

Dear Caffeinated,

We have several tips for you to drink healthier and keep your energy up while you modify your quote - unquote drinking problem.

Here are just a few of ways to help yourself out:

Stop drinking that soda. Even a little bit of soda is harmful to your system and does cause you to accumulate and hang on to those extra pounds.

Drink a couple of cups of green tea throughout the day. The caffeine that is in there will be enough to give you a boost and studies suggest that it can help increase your metabolism. However, it also helps you burn calories through a process called thermogenesis, which is basically the rate at which calories are burned.

From a broader perspective of overall health benefits of tea, you can also check out this organic tea article from our blog for more information. Here is just a short excerpt from that article.

“Even when the word tea is just uttered, our attention turns immediately in the direction in which the word came and our senses tell us to say yes for a cup of tea. Here at Savvy Teas & Herbs, we love organic tea and herbs and we love the beneficial effects on our mind and body. Organic lemon tea is one of our favorite teas out there right now and for just reasons!”

Thank you for sending in your excellent question for our advice column. We hope this has been helpful for you and answered your question.


Savvy Teas and Herbs

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