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Organic Tea: Health Benefits of Green Tea

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Other countries such as China and India have been well aware of the health benefits of organic green tea. When the United States caught up with the organic tea trend, they began to research the benefits of green tea. It is well documented that green tea has possible health benefits such as; decreasing tumor growth, aiding in weight loss, reduction of heart disease, and increasing brain function. Organic tea can be extremely beneficial to your overall health.

Green tea is one of the lesser consumed tea varieties within the United States. Fortunately for those that drink it regularly, their health may benefit in the long run. Green tea is one of the least processed forms of tea. It contains the highest concentration of polyphenols of any organic tea variety. Polyphenols are an antioxidant which are linked to many positive health benefits. This tea also contains zero calories if home brewed with no additives.

Research institutions around the country are looking into the benefits of organic tea, specifically the polyphenol concentration within green tea. The National Cancer Institute is researching the effects of polyphenols on tumor growth. It has been shown (in lab animals) to decrease the overall tumor growth. Also, a longitudinal study of green tea drinkers, published in Journal of the American Medical Association, followed a large group for 11 years! It was found that mortality rates from heart disease were significantly lower than that of the national average.

Although there is no study available with a definitive answer, green tea consumption may help you live a longer and healthier life. Whether you enjoy green tea, black tea, red tea, white tea, or oolong teas, you can find them all at Savvy Teas & Herbs. Give your health a little boost.