Organic Tea Is Great For Your Heart

Published by Herb on 15th Jul 2015

Thank you for checking in on the Savvy Teas and Herbs blog. Welcome back to our discussion on organic teas, yogurt starter culture, and bulk herbs. Our teas, herbs, and yogurt starters keep people revived and feeling their absolute best. Teas are rich in antioxidants, so they fight the onset of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and cancer. More specifically, organic teas are teas whose leaves have not been treated with pesticides or tampered with in any way. One of the things we love to do on our blog is answer questions posed to us in our teas and herbs advice column.

Dear Organic Tea Experts,

I have just recently got diagnosed with high blood pressure. I have not been a diligent tea drinker, but I do like an occasional cup of hot tea. I do like the fact that there are organic teas so I do not have to worry about pesticides and all of those chemicals. I can not imagine that pesticides would be good for my heart at all.

A friend of mine mentioned that tea is good for your heart and cardiovascular system, in general. I am very concerned now about my heart health and am hoping that organic teas can help reduce my hypertension. Can you tell me if these assertions are true and if so, how much tea is recommended for optimal heart health.

Thank you for answering my question,

Hypertensive Heart

Dear Hypertensive,

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing hypertension but relieved that you caught it in time to do something about it. We believe you will find our news about tea’s effects on the heart encouraging. Drinking tea may reduce the risk of heart disease b expanding your heart’s arteries and improving overall blood flow. It is like widening the highway to handle increased traffic. It also reduces the buildup of harmful plaque by reducing cholesterol. Organic tea does this by improving the ratio of your HDL and LDL cholesterol. More specifically, HDL, your good cholesterol, eliminates LDL, your bad cholesterol, from the body. The more HDL you have, the more it can effectively deal with the bad cholesterol in your body and keep it from forming on the inner walls of your arteries. When cholesterol builds up in your arteries, not only does it clog them up and create the potential for pieces of plaque to break away, it also hardens your arteries and makes them less pliable.

You also asked about the amount of tea you should drink. Studies show that just two cups of organic tea per day reduces your risk for a heart attack by preventing your arteries from clogging. Other studies have demonstrated that drinking 3-4 cups per day can reduce your risks for heart disease by up to 46%.

We hope this answers your questions and has helped you become a lifelong tea drinker.


Savvy Teas & Herbs

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