Organic Teas: Enhance Your Yoga Practice With Our Essential Oils, Too!

15th Dec 2015

In our last blog we began talking about a very hot topic in today's world: yoga! Here at Savvy Teas & Herbs, we have a myriad of bulk herbs and organic teas to pair with whatever type of yoga practice you prefer. Did you know that we have a great selection of essential oils that pair perfect with yoga practice, as well as other aspects of your life, too? 

Essential oils are a great way to enhance your yoga practice. As you likely already know, yoga isn't just simple stretching but rather a disciplined practice that focuses on the health, balance, and well-being of your entire body, spirit, and mind. Just like yoga, essential oils and aromatherapy works to support the entire well-being of your body, spirit, and mind. You can achieve these positive effects aromatherapy, like positive emotional states and mental clarity, through applying and diffusion of the pure essential oils themselves. When you combine essential oils with your yoga practice, you powerfully enhance your journey.

Two ways in which you can use essential oils with your yoga practice are:

  • Diffusion: Evaporate your essential oils into the space in which you're practicing yoga. This will help to create a motivating and inspiring mood as well as help to enhance your breathing!
  • Purifying / Application: Use your essential oils and apply them directly to pressure points to help you relax or awaken your inner yoga warrior. You can also use them as powerful cleansing agents by wiping your mat down with them or simply clearing the atmosphere. 

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