Pair Our Organic Tea With Your Yoga Practice

15th Nov 2015

Have you heard about the connection between organic tea and yoga practice? If you haven't, now is the time to educate yourself! Why? If you drink tea before or after a yoga class, you can reap some serious benefits and surprising results. Whether you're practicing restorative or hot yoga, we've got some perfect tea pairings for your yoga practice.

  • If you practice restorative yoga, look into sipping some calm, rejuvenating, and soothing lavender or a mood-boosting chamomile.
  • More of a hot yoga fan? We suggest pairing your hot yoga practice with menthol-abundant peppermint that activates your cells' cold-sensitive receptors. This tea will create a mild cooling effect / sensation for up to an hour! We love a good Lemon Lavender Mint combination for the ultra calming and caffeine-free benefits.
  • Do you meditate on a regular basis? If so, trying pairing your meditation sessions with the polyphenols found in green tea to increase your cognitive functions. This is a go-to tea to drink before any meditation session! We love a good Jasmine Green Tea to help you wind down and feel centered.
  • More of an active, vinyasa flow yogi? Plenty of research points to the caffeine in black tea and how it benefits your circulation. Plus, it will help you from getting lightheaded after a power flow vinyasa class! Consider a lemon ginger tea iced with touch of honey. It's invigoratingly spicy, yet the ginger helps your stomach settled during active classes.

What tea do you love to infuse into your yoga practice with healing properties? Shop our organic teas today!

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