Savor The Benefits Of Organic Lemon Tea

14th Jan 2015

Even when the word tea is just uttered, our attention turns immediately in the direction in which the word came and our senses tell us to say yes for a cup of tea. Here at Savvy Teas & Herbs, we love organic tea and herbs and we love the beneficial effects on our mind and body. Organic lemon tea is one of our favorite teas out there right now and for just reasons!

  • Lemon juice is well known for its antiseptic properties. Combine these natural antiseptic properties with the fact that tea is supposedly the best alternative to carbonated drinks and coffee and you've health benefits beyond our imagination!
  • With cold and flu season in full swing once again, lemon tea with added ginger helps you to reduce your symptoms. All you have to do is sip your lemon tea 3 to 4 times a day in the winter to not only give you relief from sore throats but also boost your immune system and warm you up!
  • If you've recently had surgery, lemon tea is a great way to relieve swelling and many doctors suggest drinking lemon tea after surgery for this exact reason. Lemon tea is also a great way to cleanse the toxic effects of anesthesia out of your body!
  • Last but definitely not least, organic lemon tea also helps in reducing uneasy conditions and feelings during women's menstrual cycles!

Enjoy the delicious health benefits of lemon tea the next time you reach for your next herbal drink! 

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