Yogurt And Herbs: The Healthy Supplements To Your Diet

Published by Savvy Teas on 15th May 2015

Welcome back to the Savvy Teas and Herbs blog. Our organic teas and bulk herbs will keep you revived and feeling healthy. Teas are rich in antioxidants and many also fight to prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and cancer. You may be wondering, “If tea is so great, why do I need to go organic with my tea?”. Organic teas haven’t been treated by pesticides or genetically altered in anyway, so they are more natural and even better for you. We also have a rich variety of Greek yogurt starter cultures for you to make your own Greek yogurt and save some cash. Our site is a great resource to research, and read up on, the benefits of organic teas, yogurt starter cultures, and bulk herbs. Thus, we started a blog review series to bring some informative content from our previous blog entries back into prominence for you. We are posting a link with a short excerpt from some our most informative posts. If you would like read beyond the short excerpt that we post, then all you need to do is click the article link above the excerpt.

Greek Yogurt Starter Culture

"Do you just love the taste of tangy and creamy Greek yogurt, but hate having to dish out all of that extra cash to pay for it? Greek yogurt is so tasty and it has quickly become popular among many people; however, it is often times a lot more expensive than traditional yogurt. Have you ever thought about making your own Greek yogurt?"

To continue reading about our exciting and affordable Greek yogurt starter cultures, click the link above.

Fresh Bulk Herbs for a Great Price

"There are so many people out there that are turning a new leaf and taking a more natural approach to their health. Clean eating, which used to be unheard of only a few short years ago, has been the goal of more and more people every day. At Savvy Teas and Herbs, we strive to provide our customers with fresh bulk herbs and tea at a great price."

Click the link above this excerpt to read more about our fresh bulk herbs and their nutritional value to your health. 

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