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Latin name: Galium aparine

Health Benefits of Cleavers

Cleavers is considered one of the best herbal tonics for cleansing.  It is the best lymphatic tonic, and is both alterative and diurietic. Cleavers has a long tradition of use for tumor reduction and lymphatic drainage.  It is said to act extensively on the lymphatic system and to be effective in removing and draining poisons, detoxifying the tissues and removing trapped bacteria from the lymph glands, helping to relieve glandular fever, swollen or enlarged lymph glands, adenoids and tonsillitis and any other ailment that would benefit from lymphatic drainage support.system function better.  Health benefits include: 

  • Cancer, especially cancer in the lymphatic system, is often treated with Cleavers. Cleaver also helps boost other cancer treatments.
  • Increases urination and helps to purify the blood, the kidneys, as well as helping to remove toxins from the body. 
  • Can help to resolve such skin disorders as seborrhoea, psoriasis, eczema, and for the treatment of external ulcers and abnormal growths, such as tumors on the skin.
  • Excellent treatment for other skin ailments such as contact dermatitis, acne, boils, abscesses and minor injuries. Cleavers also tightens the skin and smooths wrinkles and sags that come with age. It can also be used for sunburn and freckles.
  • Detoxifies the kidneys, keeping them in good working order. Promotes increased urine flow, which helps to rid the kidneys and bladder of gravel and stones, clear the urinary tract of various infections, such as cystitis, alleviate prostate disorders, and treat other acute and inflammatory urinary diseases.
  • Relieves edema.
  • As a diaphoretic, it helps to stimulate perspiration and sweating, which not only cools the body and lowers fevers, but also helps to expel toxic wastes through the skin.
  • Cleavers has cooling properties also, reducing fevers and resolving eruptive infections such as measles and chicken pox.
  • Some have used Cleavers as an appetite suppressant for obesity.
  • Said to help those who are struggling with high blood pressure and insomnia.
  • Cleavers is considered to have blood-thinning properties, which may have a beneficial effect in reducing blood pressure and platelet aggregation (blood clotting). 
  • Works as a mild laxative.
  • As an anti-inflammatory, it helps treat arthritis. 

Nutritional Benefits of Cleavers

  • High in vitamin C and flavonoids that provide the body with antioxidants that replenish and strengthen the immune system.  Cleavers was once used to treat Scurvy. 

How to Use Cleavers

  • Can be used in teas and tinctures, or topically.   

Cautions and Side Effects of Cleavers

  • Do not use if taking blood-thinning medication.

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2 Reviews

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    Great Products n Service

    Published by Richard Powell on 19th Jul 2021

    Great Products n Service

  • 5

    Published by El on 17th May 2021

    This one is new to me. Tried it in a infusion. Love it! Thank you.

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