Comfrey Root

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Comfrey Root

Latin name: Symphytum officinale

Health Benefits of Comfrey Root

Comfrey is highly valued for its soothing qualities on the skin.  It facilitates and activates the healing of damaged tissue.  It is usually used externally.  Health benefits include: 

  • It helps in all cell proliferation which means it helps grown new flesh and bone. For this reason it has also been known as the “bone knitter.“
  • As a contact healer, it relieves pain and starts healing instantly.
  • Helps reduce inflammation and pain from pulled tendons.
  • Can be used as a mouthwash or as a throat gargle to reduce infection. 

How to Use Comfrey Root 

  • Great for use as a salve to apply to the affected area.  
  • Good for use as a strong tea for soaking.  It works great for the feet when injury occurs.
  • Poultices work very well.  

Cautions and Side Effects of Comfrey Root

  • Care should be taken when using comfrey with very deep wounds as its rapid healing power can lead to tissue forming over the wound before it is healed deeper down resulting in abscesses.
  • Make sure that wounds are thoroughly cleaned and protected from infection.
  • Not recommended for internal use.
  • Safe during pregnancy, while nursing, and for children WHEN USED EXTERNALLY. 

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