Health Benefits of Tea

Could a simple drink like tea really benefit my health?

In the Northwestern territories of China, drinking tea is synonymous with health and to go one day without it is to invite illness.  The people of these regions drink a dozen or more cups throughout the day and even have a saying that maintains, “Man can do without food for three days, but without tea, not for one.” tea-1.jpg


The Chinese have known about the health benefits of tea for at least 4,000 years.  Luckily, in modern times, scientists have been able to provide some hard evidence for this, both in Asia and in the West.  

So what can something that takes only five minutes to prepare do for you, to make you feel good from head to toe?  And I am not just talking about green tea. You have probably heard about the powerhouse of GREEN TEA in regards to health, but rest assured that you can enjoy that soothing Darjeeling or other BLACK TEA and still receive excellent health benefits.   


What can tea do for you and me?

Research seems to suggest that if you want to do something good for your health, drink tea.  So go ahead and brew yourself a cup of your favorite tea, sit back, and follow the links below about how tea can benefit your wellness and health!



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