Black Walnut Hull

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Black Walnut Hull (cut / sifted)

Latin name: Juglans nigra 

Health Benefits of Black Walnut Hull

Black walnut is very effective in treating fungal infections and parasites.  It is also helpful with gastrointestinal problems.  Health benefits include: 

  • Contains Juglone, which is said to be an effective bactericide, fungicide, and parricide.  
  • Contains tannins which are believed to help the body to fend off bacteria, and also help to protect the body from things such as diarrhea, blood disorders, stress, tumors, and even cancer.  Tannins also work topically to tone the body tissues they come in contact with.  This makes the nut useful in treating inflammatory conditions of the bowel with special usefulness in treating hemorrhoids. Tannins are said to encourage elimination of unwanted microbes in the colon.
  • Contains iodine, which is widely used for its antiseptic properties.  Iodine is needed to ensure thyroid health. Iodine also affixes itself to bacteria in the body and reduces their lifespan. Because of this quality, it is said to strengthen the body’s natural immune system. The content of iodine is found mainly in the hulls of the black walnut, and it contains more than the average herb.
  • Has been used to treat inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, ringworm, acne, and blisters. It is also good for bruises and wounds.
  • Commonly associated with killing and ridding the body of parasites and worms, internal and external. It is also effective on the malaria parasite and on tapeworm.
  • Treats constipation, diarrhea, giardia, and candida.
  • It has been known to balance sugar levels, build tooth enamel because of its natural flouride content, and also to help treat herpes and impetigo.
  • Can be applied topically to herpes and cold sores. 

 Nutritional Benefits of Black Walnut Hull 

  • Is a significant source of potassium, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, copper, and silica. 

 How to Use Black Walnut Hull 

  • You can use black walnut in a liquid tincture form, or also in an encapsulated form.
  • Will stain the skin a dark color, although temporarily. 

Cautions and Side Effects of Black Walnut Hull 

  • Avoid internal use during pregnancy.
  • Not recommended for long term use. 

Fun Facts About Black Walnut Hull

  • Ancient Romans referred to the black walnut as the “Imperial nut” because it cured so many ailments. 

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