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Latin name: Leonurus cardiaca 

Health Benefits of Motherwort

Motherwort herb is part of the mint family and is primarily a women's herb used for menstrual issues. But it also strengthens the physical heart and calms the emotional heart.  Health benefits include:  

  • Helps with heart failure, irregular heartbeat, and fast heartbeat.
  • Aids heart symptoms due to anxiety.
  • Helps with hyperthyroidism.
  • Used for flatulence.
  • Used for absence of menstrual periods.
  • Has stimulating properties that additionally support the uterus, the kidneys, and digestion.
  • Is a mild hypotensive herb and can be used to decrease hypertension, especially when it is associated with extreme emotions.
  • Tones the uterus, which reduces menstrual cramping.  Use as a poultice over the area.
  • Stimulates digestion and appetite. 

Nutritional Benefits of Motherwort

  • Contains good amounts of Vitamin A. 

How to Use Motherwort

  • Use in tea and tincture combinations.  Or as a poultice.
  • As it is a very bitter herb, it is best combine with other herbs.  Add peppermint to the mix to mask the bitterness.
  • Hawthorn and Motherwort combined offer a very potent remedy for the heart!
  • Combine Motherwort and Passion Flower for anxiety. 

Cautions and Side Effects of Motherwort

  • Do not use while pregnant!



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