Kelp Powder

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Kelp Powder

Latin name: Laminaria species

Health Benefits of Kelp Powder

Kelp is a type of seaweed that is used to flavor foods and also taken to add iodine to the body.  Health benefits include: 

  • Famous for its use in foods. Because of its salty taste, it is often times used as a seasoning in the Orient for sushi or soups.
  • Has been used as a blood purifier. It is said to cleanse the body of radiation. It absorbs most nutrients as well as toxins from the digestive tract in much the same way that a water softener removes the “hardness” from tap water. This results in less toxins entering the circulatory system.  By doing this it also helps to reduce caloric intake.
  • Because of its detoxifying effects, it is also used to treat conditions of the bowel. It is especially effective at absorbing the metabolic products produced by yeast.
  • Because it is a good blood purifier, it is also a good treatment for atherosclerosis and rheumatism.
  • The high iodine content makes it a perfect treatment for hypothyroidism and obesity, and also makes it a great health booster for the pituitary glands, adrenals, prostate, and endocrine systems as well. 

Nutritional Benefits of Kelp Powder

  • Excellent source of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and iodine, the last of which is essential to normal thyroid function.
  • Prized for its iodine content, which helps fight infection and disease. 

How to Use Kelp Powder

  • You can use it to season food as mentioned above. It is great for a salt replacement on salads or as seasoning. However, do not consume more than 1-2 teaspoons a day.
  • Can be used in encapsulated form. 

Cautions and Side Effects of Kelp Powder

  • Do not overuse. Kelp can cause an iodine overdose. Overuse can also cause thyroid problems.
  • Safe during pregnancy, while nursing, and safe for children.

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