Reishi Mushroom Powder

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Reishi Mushroom Powder

Latin name: Ganoderma lucidum 

Health Benefits of Reishi Mushroom Powder

Known as the Queen of Mushrooms, Mushroom of Immortality, or Lingzhi mushroom, this mushroom has been used to support well-being for over 2,000 years in China and Japan.  This grounding mushroom helps you to chill out and adapt to whatever life throws your way.  Health benefits include: 

  • May help support the immune system. It has many polysaccharides, antioxidant properties, and beta-glucans that can help with immune function. 
  • As an adaptogen, helps the body adapt to stress.
  • Fights fatigue.
  • Could lower blood pressure.
  • Researchers believe beta glucans in the mushrooms may prevent new blood vessel growth, which is key as cancer cells need a steady blood supply to grow.
  • In addition to cancer research, the triterpenes (AKA essential oils) in the mushrooms may also inhibit the development and metastasis of tumors.
  • Could alleviate chemotherapy-induced nausea and improve the efficacy ot radiation therapy.
  • May be therapeutic for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and may also be able to protect the brain from seizures.
  • Both triterpenes and beta glucans may reduce total cholesterol and LDL
  • Helps decrease blood sugar.
  • May have antihistamine effects and can improve the body’s oxygen supply, which is key to those suffering from chronic and allergic asthma.
  • Can improve liver function.
  • Rich in antioxidants.

How to Use Reishi Mushroom Powder

  • Use in capsules, or as a food such as in an herbal shake or blend.
  • Has a very bitter taste - add to hot chocolate or coffee, adding almond milk possibly.  

Cautions and Side of Reishi Mushroom Powder

  • Possible side effects or allergic reactions to reishi include dry mouth, itchy mouth or throat, digestive distress, or bloody stools. If you experience any of these effects, it's best to steer clear of reishi mushrooms in the future. If you are taking any medications, talk to your doctor before taking reishi—just to be safe.

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    Excellent quality, very fine powder, fast shipping and fresh product. If that's not enough add amazing customer service!

    Published by Olga on 28th Jul 2022

    I am so happy I have found Savvy Teas and Herbs!! The only way I'll purchase anywhere else is if they do not have what I am looking for, but with an ever expanding inventory I hope they'll have everything I need!!

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