Elder Flowers

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Elder Flowers

Latin name: Sambucus nigra

Health Benefits of Elder Flowers

Elder Flowers have similar properties of Elderberries and can be used in similar ways.  Other health benefits include: 

  • They are a time tested, safe remedy for allergies, hay fever, colds, flu, fever, pneumonia, and sore throat.
  • An all around blood purifier, and is a great general systemic cleanser.
  • The flowers and the berries from the elder plant contain substances which ease inflammation and pain.
  • They have been used in past times to treat bronchial and pulmonary affections. They were also used with scarlet fever, measles, and other eruptive diseases.
  • Because they are emetic and somewhat nauseating to some people, ideal synergist to blend with them is peppermint.  Peppermint mixed with elder flower is world-famed as the greatest fever remedy ever known to man.
  • Great when treating external ailments such as sprains, skin blemishes, tumors, bruises, and frostbite. 

How to Use Elder Flowers

  • Most popular in tincture and tea combinations, but can also be powdered and encapsulated. 

Cautions and Side Effects of Elder Flowers

  • There are no known drug interactions with Elder Flowers.
  • Safe for use during pregnancy, while nursing, and safe for children. 

Fun Facts About Elder Flowers

  •  Ancient Egyptians used Elder Flowers to improve their complexions.

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